further reading

the Advocate – news magazine

And lo a ripple – blog

AlphaMale Journal – newssite

the Awl – newssite

Band of Thebes – blog

Beek Geeks – site

Big Queer Blog

Blair – camp journal

Blithe House Quarterly – gay journal

Bloom – gay literary journal

Bobzyeruncle – blog

Butt – gay magazine

Choire – blog

Chroma – gay literary journal

Curve – lesbian magazine

Dave Holmes – blog

Delftboys.com – homoerotic web museum (NSFW!)

Dykes to Watch Out For – Alison Bechdel

Epicenter – literary magazine

Film Experience – blog

Frank and Gabe – blog

G.A.Y. – newssite

Gay Art History.org – website

Gay Parent Magazine – magazine

Gay Times – magazine

Gay365 – website

the Gideonse bible – blog

Girlfriends Magazine

glbtq.com – world’s largest encyclopedia of gay, lesbian, bisexual, transgender and queer culture

GLSEN – Gay Lesbian and Straight Education Network

glbt reading – blog

Guy Dads – blog

Henry Alford – journalist

Janeism – blog

Joe.My.God – blog

Joe the lion – blog

Koreanish – blog

Kunstkammer9 – blog

Lamda Literary Awards

Linas Alsenas – author

Luca Belletti – blog

Mary – gay literary quarterly

Matthew Gallaway – blog

the New Civil Rights Movement – website

Outhistory.com – glbt history website

Pam’s House Blend – blog

Pansy Poetics – blog

Paraflax – blog

PFLAG – organization

PFLAG Oak Park – organization

Plants are the strangest people – blog

PowPowPaChow – blog

Q Review – literary mag

Queer History – blog

Queer Magazine Online – community

Queer online database – blog/database

Queer reader – blog

Queerty – newssite

Queertype – Jameson Currier’s blog

Rabbit meets hat – blog

Richard McCann – author

Rictor Norton’s gay history & literature – website

Shazzer – blog

Sore Afraid – blog

Sturtle – blog

the Swivet – blog

Talk nerdy to me, baby – blog

The Gayte Keeper – blog

The Rest is Noise – Alex Ross’ blog

This is like so gay – Duncan Mitchel’s blog

Troubled Diva – blog

View from Here – Andrew Patner’s blog

Wikipedia’s list of gay, lesbian or bisexual people

Ă…siktstorped – blog

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