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Sophia Parnok

December 6, 2010


Russia's great lesbian poet, Sophia Parnok's last poems from the early 1930s were inspired by her final love affair with physicist Nina Vedeneyeva.


November 5, 2010


One of the few friends of Czar Nicholas II, poet, playwright and family man Grand Duke Konstantin Konstantinovich was also a secret bisexual with a long history of sexual encounters according to his posthumously published diaries.

Eva Gore-Booth

October 31, 2010


Irish poet and suffragist Eva Gore-Booth was active in fighting for women's rights, worker rights, peace efforts and prison reform. She and her long-term partner Esther Roper also published the early gay-rights magazine Urania in 1916.

António Botto

October 28, 2010


Portuguese poet António Botto's 1920 book of homoerotic poems, Canções, gained him lifelong notoriety. It also gained him the admiration of writers diverse as Kipling, Virginia Woolf and Garcia Lorca.

Enderunlu Fazil

October 27, 2010


The 18th century Turkish poet Enderunlu Fazil describes the charms of youths from Aleppo to Zanzibar in his Book of the Handsome Ones.

Jacob Israël de Haan

October 19, 2010


Jacob Israël de Haan is a contradiction: his words grace Amsterdam's Homomonument while his name is invoked in ultra-Orthodox jewish circles, author of an early homoerotic Dutch novel and first victim of a political assassination in Palestine.

Don Leon

October 12, 2010


Don Leon first appeared in 1833, an early poem purporting to be by Lord Byron and extolling the virtues of homosexuality. It is unlikely to be by Lord Byron, but seems to be about him.