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Enderunlu Fazil

October 27, 2010


The 18th century Turkish poet Enderunlu Fazil describes the charms of youths from Aleppo to Zanzibar in his Book of the Handsome Ones.


October 9, 2010


Whether it was truly written by Oscar Wilde or not, the early homoerotic novel Teleny is better written than your average Victorian pornography.

Fanny Hill

October 7, 2010


The 1748 Fanny Hill - or The Memoirs of a Woman of Pleasure to be accurate - is early English pornography with a bit of something for everyone, with plenty of straight, lesbian and even gay sex.

Nanshoku Okagami

October 3, 2010


Nanshoku Okagami - The Great Mirror of Male Love - written in 1687 is a collection of stories about the love between samurai and their pages, kabuki actors and their patrons, reflecting a long tradition of homosexuality in Japan.

Abu Nuwas

October 1, 2010


Abu Nuwas, who died in 864, was considered one of the greatest Persian poets of his day with his poems about drinking and sex. Mostly with boys.

Un Chant d’Amour

September 29, 2010


Brutal and tender, Genet's Un Chant d'Amour still resonates - the film is as powerful today as when it was made in 1950.