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Sophia Parnok

December 6, 2010


Russia's great lesbian poet, Sophia Parnok's last poems from the early 1930s were inspired by her final love affair with physicist Nina Vedeneyeva.

Maud Allan

November 30, 2010


Known as the Salome Dancer, Maud Allan's dancing career was ruined by a libel suit. She ended up settling down with her lover, Verna Aldwich, and teaching dance to children.


November 20, 2010


19th century thief and transvestite/transsexual Lasse-Maja captivated the Swedish public with his escapades, and his charm eventually earned him his freedom.

Charlotte Cushman

November 9, 2010


19th century American actress Charlotte Cushman wasn't just one of the greatest dramatists on stage of her day, her many lesbian relationships were full of a lot of private drama as well.


November 5, 2010


One of the few friends of Czar Nicholas II, poet, playwright and family man Grand Duke Konstantin Konstantinovich was also a secret bisexual with a long history of sexual encounters according to his posthumously published diaries.

Alain Locke

November 3, 2010


Father of the Harlem Renaissance Alain Locke influenced a wide range of writers, artists and musicians. He was also a closeted gay man, which isn't mentioned in most history books.

Freda du Faur

November 1, 2010


Mountaineer Freda du Faur was the first woman to climb Mount Cook in New Zealand in 1910. Today, two peaks in the country's Southern Alps are named for Du Faur and her lover Muriel Cadogan.