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Mori Ranmaru

November 15, 2010


Mori Ranmaru was the page and favorite of powerful 16th century warlord Oda Nobunaga. They were also lovers, committing suicide together during a siege at a temple in Kyoto.

Catalina de Erauso

November 1, 2010


Known at La Monja Alférez - the lieutenant nun - 17th century soldier Catalina de Erauso fought as a man for the King of Spain in South America for 15 years. She eventually became famous for her ruse, getting a pension and the right to wear men's clothes.

Feodor Basmanov

October 24, 2010


Favorite and sometime lover of Ivan the Terrible, Feodor Basmanov was doomed to fall out of favor, dying (or probably executed) in 1570 after being forced to kill his own father.


October 14, 2010


The Aztec Xochipilli was the god of all things beautiful, like dance, art and flowers. Not surprisingly, he was also the patron of homosexual men and male prostitutes.

Benvenuto Cellini

September 30, 2010


16th century goldsmith and wild man Benvenuto Cellini claimed to have murdered a man he was in love with when he caught the guy bonking Cellini's own wife.