Chevalier de Lorraine

Posted on December 3, 2010


Said to be as beautiful as an angel, Philippe of Lorraine was the second son of the Count and Countess of Harcourt. The member of an old noble family, in 1658 when he was 15, the Chevalier became the lover of Philippe of France, the Duke of Orléans and younger brother of Louis XIV, the sun king.

Four years younger than Philippe de France, who was known as Monsieur and was quite openly homosexual, the Chevalier was the great love of Monsieur’s life and was a great enemy of his two wives. He was considered greedy and a great schemer. He was sent in and out of exile several times, once for seducing the King’s illegitimate son, the Count of Vermandois, but mostly he was tolerated, reportedly because the King could manipulate his brother through the Chevalier.

The Chevalier is not known to have married, although the courtier Saint-Simon claimed in his memoirs that the Chevalier was married to his cousin. He died in 1702, a year after Monsieur.

Philippe, the Chevalier de Lorraine, has a Wikipedia page, here.

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