Posted on October 14, 2010


Xochipilli was the Aztec god of art, dance, games, beauty, maize and flowers. The name means literally “flower prince.” He was the twin brother of Xochiquetzel, a goddess associated with female fertility. As a kind of fertility god himself, he was associated with the Mayan rain and maize gods as well. He is sometimes called Macuilxochitl and is often depicted with a sharp stick, with which he can penetrate the human heart.

Though Xochipilli was married to a human girl, he was also the patron of homosexual men and male prostitutes. This seems to be a trait that he took with him from his Toltec origins. A famous statue of him shows him apparently under the influence of hallucinogenics (the various plants carved on the base of the statue are psychoactive flowers and mushrooms used by the Aztecs in sacred ceremonies), cross-legged with arms slightly upraised and looking up trancelike at the sky.

Xochipilli has a Wikipedia page, here.