Lina Poletti

Posted on October 13, 2010


Born in 1885, Italian feminist Lina Poletti is credited as being the first woman in Italy to flaunt her lesbianism. At the first National Congress of Women in Rome in 1908, she met writer¬†Sibilla Aleramo and the two embarked on a year-long affair. The letters that Aleramo wrote to Poletti have been preserved, showing Aleramo’s complex and thoughtful views on homosexuality.

After her affair with Aleramo, who would go on to become one of Italy’s foremost feminists, Poletti took up with actress Eleanora Duse, 27 years her senior. The two lived together in Florence for two years. Duse was reportedly depressed for some time after Poletti ended the relationship. After this, Poletti fell out of the public eye.

Lina Poletti died in 1971.

Poletti has a wikipedia page, here.